A Yogi’s Mountaineering Journey

A Yogi’s  Mountaineering Journey

A Yogi’s Mountaineering Journey

Lessons Learned from Nature's Classroom

Embarking on a month-long mountaineering adventure was an experience like no other. From the moment I set foot on the mountain, the lessons began pouring in, teaching us humility, resilience, and gratitude.

In the South Sikkim where my journey began, I learnt the basics of rock climbing and different rappelling techniques, as well as the importance of physical fitness through daily training sessions. It was here that we realised the mountain doesn't care how fit we are; it demands our respect and surrender to its power.

North Sikkim Himalayas


In the Himalayan mountains, the first light of day illuminates the towering peaks,
casting a golden glow over their rugged terrain.

Transitioning to the snowy peaks of North Sikkim Himalayas, we faced new challenges and learned essential skills like snow crafting, ice crafting and rescue techniques. The harsh weather tested our endurance, but it also revealed the beauty of sunrise reflecting off the mountains and the magic of clear skies on summit day. Challenges like stiffer snow boots and frozen shoe laces tested our patience, but they also strengthened our resolve to overcome obstacles.

AymMountain17 Our master finds solace in the serene Snow White, surrounded by twinkling stars, as he indulges in a moment of peaceful star gazing.

At night, within the confines of our tent, the spectacle of clear sky star-gazing is a rare occurrence. However, on one such magical night, we were blessed with an extraordinary display. The brilliance of the clear sky and the moonlight illuminating the snowy terrain created an enchanting panorama that left us in awe.

As I unexpectedly found myself leading a rope team, It was a daunting task, but with the support of my rope mates, I discovered the power of teamwork and the joy of accomplishing goals together.

Yumthang Yoga Poses

Transformations: My Fitness Journey After Mountaineering

As I reflect on my journey, I can't help but notice the significant changes that have occurred within me.

One noticeable change is the physical transformation. Over the course of the training, I lost around 3 kilograms. While this may be attributed to the rigorous activities and possibly a calorie deficit, I must acknowledge the efforts of the cooks who ensured we had nourishing meals despite the challenging conditions. However, along with the weight loss, I also experienced a decrease in muscle mass.

Despite this, there were positive changes in my fitness level. I noticed a significant improvement in the strength of my lower body, which became evident during a 5k run I attempted back home. I was pleasantly surprised by the drastic improvement in my average pace, indicating an increase in endurance and stamina. Additionally, my fitness tracker recorded improvements in my cardio fitness, further validating the progress I had made.However, the changes were not merely physical. The mountaineering course instilled in me a sense of responsibility and problem-solving skills. I found myself taking on more tasks and seeking opportunities to contribute in my home environment. This newfound sense of accountability and initiative stemmed from the challenges of putting myself outside of my comfort zone during the course.

Discovered Life's Preciousness:

I found the value in Mountain: How precious life is, How precious the water is, How precious the breath is, How precious the shelter is, how precious the transportation is, How precious Health is….
I am grateful for the opportunity to embark on this adventure and emerge as a stronger, more empowered individual.

Words of Gratitude:

I want to thank my friends, Mr.Ajinkya and Mr.Abishek, for giving me the initial push to join this mountaineering course. Without their support, I wouldn't be here.

I am grateful for the friendships formed and the support received from fellow trainers like Mr.Vishwanathan, whose selfless assistance helped me overcome language barriers and master new techniques during the course.

Special thanks to my rope instructor, Mr.Wangdhi Lama, and the entire team of instructors and staff for their unwavering support and encouragement.

My gratitude to the course director Mr.Ashal Rai, your technical demonstrations were truly remarkable and incredibly inspiring.

My heartfelt gratitude to the respected principal of IHCAE Mr.Kaji Sherpa, your presence and insightful talk about dressing sense in the mountain left a lasting impression on all of us.

I am filled with a sense of satisfaction and pride in knowing that I have given my best effort throughout this journey. It has been a powerful reminder of the importance of pushing ourselves beyond our limits and embracing the growth that comes from facing challenges head-on.

Throughout the entire course, we faced numerous challenges and hurdles. And I never felt emotional until the very end we singing the national anthem, tears unexpectedly filled my eyes. Despite the freezing temperatures and harsh conditions, the fire of patriotism burned within us, filling us with pride as we sang our anthem.

As I bid farewell to the mountain, I carry with me the lessons learned and the memories cherished. The journey may have been challenging, but it was also transformative, teaching me to face every obstacle with courage and resilience.

Thank you batch mates for being a part of this journey with me. And so, with a heart full of gratitude, I want to conclude by echoing the sentiment we chant daily in the course:

“Bharat Mata Ki Jai.”

  • Somashekhar k says:
    13/04/2024, 07:47 pm

    It was so beautiful experience I have in Mountaineering course I really loved it

  • Sathysh says:
    13/04/2024, 09:00 pm


  • Sheela Devi says:
    13/04/2024, 09:52 pm

    Yogic man shine everywhere!!!!

  • malar says:
    13/04/2024, 11:49 pm

    good to know 😃

  • Anitha says:
    14/04/2024, 03:20 am

    Hi Subash, I am simply overjoyed at your trip blog. The experience of your mountain climbing🧗‍♂️ is an adventurous as it teaches people, how to overcome their fear and fall for their challenges. It is not easy to conquer such great heights. The memory of the time you spent on montainside can be powerful enough to inspire the flattest of days. It can push you to find beauty in the ordinary or challenge you to climb higher through any difficult task life throws your way. Along with this, your yoga posture is perquisite to the journey. It's not everyday that we get to celebrate such an incredible feat. Kudos to you for this required substantial effort, time, dedication, perseverance, courage, endurance, discoverenc of life preciousness and the power to accomplish this challenge task successfully. At long last BHARAT MATHA KI JAI!!!!

  • Inul Jariya says:
    14/04/2024, 11:41 am

    Congratulations on your well deserved success! It's good to know your beautiful experiences.... your success is really a proud moment for us..by your experiences we get to know how will power is important...inspite of being new in mountaineering, language barrier, your success is really admiring and amazing for us..thats where your dedication and hardwork stands...your struggles, lessons and success really inspires us in all ways.. somehow it will create some impact in our life's achievements...you deserve more and wishing you more achievements in your life ...

  • Yogiraj says:
    14/04/2024, 04:45 pm

    You are True adventurer bro… Bravo👏

  • Vish says:
    15/04/2024, 09:47 am

    Those 30 days spent at the basic mountaineering course felt like a true blessing.we not only acquired invaluable knowledge and skills in mountaineering but also forged deep bonds with our BMC mates.the memories we created during this period will forever hold a special place in our hearts iam immensely grateful for the opportunity to been a part of BMC 24th batch at IHCAE sikkim.a incredible experience that has left an indelible mark on my life.

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