Centering the Mind

Centering the Mind

Centering the Mind

Workshop: Centering the Mind - Exploring Focus and Gratitude in Yoga for Oxfordians

Date: 18-06-2024
Location: Oxford Public Senior Secondary School, Tenkasi.

Aravind Yogalayam had the pleasure of conducting a transformative workshop titled "Centering the Mind, Exploring Focus and Gratitude in Yoga for Oxfordians" at Oxford Public School, Tenkasi. The workshop was led by our esteemed Director, Shri.Marudhusubash, and saw the enthusiastic participation of approximately 60 students from the 6th to 8th grades.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Introduction of New Asanas: Students were introduced to 10 new yoga asanas designed to enhance focus and concentration.

  • Breathing Exercises: Two vital breathing exercises were taught, helping students to center their minds and improve their overall mental clarity.

  • Meditation Techniques: The workshop included a session on Tratak meditation techniques aimed at improving focus and mindfulness.

  • Importance of Gratitude: Emphasis was placed on the significance of gratitude at an early age, guiding students to appreciate the positive aspects of their lives and setting a foundation for future achievements

We were honored to be invited by the school’s legal advisor, Adv.Miracline Paul Susi. A warm welcome was extended by Senior Principal Mrs.A.Jeya Jothi Florence and Principal Mrs.S.Sowmya, whose presence and support made the event even more special.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Oxford School Management for their invitation and for honoring our Director, Shri.Marudhusubash.

Students Feedback:

The workshop received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students. Here are some of their comments:

  • "It was a nice experience, I learned 10 new asanas and it was helpful to focus on my studies - Jerikson, 6th Std.".

  • "I’m happy to participate in this workshop & learn new meditation techniques to focus on my studies - Akalya 7th Std!"

  • "I now understand the importance of being grateful and how Yoga is precious in our life. - Madhuri 8th Std"


Aravind Yogalayam is grateful to share the benefits of yoga with the young minds at Oxford Public School. We believe that the skills and practices introduced during this workshop will have a lasting positive impact on the students, helping them to achieve greater focus, mindfulness, and gratitude in their lives.

Thank you, Oxford Public School, We look forward to future collaborations that promote health, wellness, and personal growth among students.

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